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Remote Telescope System - 2nd version

RTS2, or Remote Telescope System, 2nd Version, is an integrated open source package for remote observatory control under the Linux operating system. Its goals is to create a system, which you will put on computer(s) running observatory, and it will keep it running, protecting it from elements, taking images, ensuring that pointing is good, reacting to TOOs, keeping track what was done, sending you data, and helping you to do science.

RTS2 is designed to run the observatory in fully autonomous mode, picking targets from a database table, storing image meta data to the database, processing images and storing their WCS coordinates in the database and offering Virtual-Observatory enabled access to them. It is currently running on various telescope setups world-wide. For control of devices from various manufacturers we developed an abstract device layer, enabling control of all possible combinations of mounts, CCDs, photometers, roof and cupola controllers.

Download latest version from here. But please be aware, that most of the latest changes are in SVN. You are kindly adviced to clone current sources from Git - follow instructions in INSTALL file.

There is an install script, which should work on Debian based Linux distributions, and is tested on Ubuntu 11.04. After installing Ubuntu, you just need to type in terminal:

wget https://rts2.org/ubuntu-rts2-install
source ./ubuntu-rts2-install

The script will install all required packages, download, compile and install recent RTS2, and setup the system (create database,..) so you can use the system for dummy (simulated) devices.

Doxygen documentation is now available in HTML or PDF .

RTS2 posters and papers

GRB 2003 poster (A0 pdf, 371k)
GRB 2003 slide (jpg 1600x1200, 927k) | (jpg 800x600, 127k)
GRB 2003 proceedings article
SPIE poster and article
ADASS 2007 poster
SPIE 2008 poster and article
GA Scheduling master thesis
2009 article
FLWO 1.2m Queue Scheduling paper

RTS2 reference papers

AIP paper

RTS2 results

Most of "our" (BOOTES, FRAM and BART) data from those publications were obtained with RTS2 at the control.

There are also two thesis based on RTS2 images:


Please post them to petr [at] kubanek [dot] net.

For electronic and engineering work the author trust expertises of the ProjectSoft a.s. company.

For cloud sensors and small electronics work, the author is using .